The fear from the dentist or dental treatment usually originates in childhood and often has physical symptoms as well. The patient often feels that he or she can not control the situation nor themselves in this environment. These people are sometimes ashamed of their fears (although there is nothing to be embarrassed about) and don’t confide in anyone with their problem. They rather suffer in silence for a long time, even years until they have severe pain and are forced to visit the dentist. If we have any opportunity to resolve this fear, we as dentists should take responsibility in this.

Full sedation could also be a solution to physical problems such as a sensitive tongue or palate, strong swallowing reflexes or any other reason that would make dental treatment impossible.

We recommend full sedation primary for surgical interventions such as removal of wisdom teeth, implantation or bone augmentation. The first step is an injection after which the patient falls in a deep sleep. The next thing he or she remembers is the friendly waking voice of the anesthesiologist. In case of good general health the aftereffects are mild and go away very quickly.

The most important is to accept the fear, provide a calming and supporting environment and help our patients make the most of their time at our office. If you or anyone you know suffers from immense fear towards dentistry, please give us a try to resolve that.