Porcelain veneers

Esthetic solutionsThanks to the opportunities given by esthetic dentistry, we can correct diastemas, chipped or abraded edges, enamel insufficiencies and discolorations without the need for orthodontic treatment. Among the many advantages of veneers are the minimal need for tooth preparation, so we can preserve sound tooth structures.

For maximum result, both the dentist and the technician thoroughly prepare and plan the treatment. After preparation, the dentist takes an impression and sends it to the laboratory where it takes up to 4-5 working days to finish the ceramic veneers.

These veneers last up to 10-15 years and are replaceable without any problem.

Dental bleaching

With the latest technology it is possible in just about an hour to lighten up the shade of your teeth 4-5 grades. The Monitek BR-800 bleaching appliance is a LED-lamp which combines 4 different kinds of blue and one red light for the best bleaching result.

: First we set up a buccal retractor which protects the cheeks and lips. Then a gingival barrier is applied to prevent the bleaching agent from getting in contact with the gums.
After the dentist covers the surfaces of the teeth with the bleaching solution, the mouth is exposed to the bleaching lamp’s light that activates
Esthetic solutionsthe substance on the tooth surface. The active molecules neutralize any discoloration resulting from foods, drinks or even tobacco. We re-apply the bleaching material three times altogether to ensure a nice, bright solution and to minimize postoperative sensitivity.

After bleaching please try to avoid the consumption of tobacco, colouring food and beverages ( coffee, tea, red wine, spicy food, tomato).

Perfect Smile – bleaching
The in-office bleaching is a very safe procedure, it doesn’t harm teeth, fillings or crowns and usually results only in temporary and mild tenderness to cold. It can be repeated every year. Please take in consideration that bleaching requires a calculus-free state, therefore it is possible that a cleaning is needed prior to bleaching.